Lentils part the third

Excuse the recurring theme here, but I am nothing if not committed to using up leftovers (often with scant regard to health) and I haven’t been in much this week, so, having used up the cauliflower in salads, I still have the lentils hanging over me like some delicious sword of Damocles. I also had half a bunch of spinach (the proper stuff, not the weedy, horribly iron-y baby leaves that now pass for that in supermarkets), so, after consulting Anissa Helou, author of the lentil recipe, I decided to make a coriander and spinach dish which, she claimed, worked just as well without the traditional minced lamb.

Basic enough stuff: soften a diced onion with some ground coriander, add copious amounts of crushed garlic, a load of chopped fresh coriander and the spinach, stir to coat, cover, wilt and then dress with lemon juice. Zingy and fresh-tasting, in magazine parlance, and interesting to me because of the cooked coriander – I’ve never used it like that before, and it seemed to take the edge off that distinctive soapy flavour somewhat, which, although I love it, is probably a good thing when you’re sticking in great pawfuls of the stuff. Thanks to a vegetarian burrito run at lunchtime, guess what I’ve got for lunch tomorrow …?



One response to “Lentils part the third”

  1. felicitycloake Avatar

    oh yes, and we had loads of peas courtesy of a freezer meltdown in Finsbury Park, so I chucked a load of those in too. The more the merrier when it comes to green stuff, I say.

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