Stonking Stilton soufflés, brilliant brussels, marvellous mince pies…

It’s nearly Christmas (although I won’t feel fully festive until next week – for now my nervous energies are entirely focused on a three-tiered chocolate cake I’m making for a wedding this weekend), and Christmas, as we all know, is a time for sharing. So I thought I’d bring my newest creation to the buffet of bountifulness – a bumper selection pack of all the recipes you need for Christmas Day, in ultra-modern Electronic Form. Yes, this post is a big old plug. Here’s a nice picture of some booze-soaked fruit to make you feel better about it:

If you have a kindle, or an iPad, or any other sort of ebook reader, you can rip open 15 recipes for the rather splendid price of £1.99, some of them based on the ones I did for the Guardian last year – although, taking shameless advantage of my belief that perfection is a fluid and culturally specific concept, somewhat revised (particularly the turkey one: I had a bit of an epiphany on that front after visiting the lovely Paul Kelly, Britain’s actual Turkey King) – and some of them brand spanking new.

  • mulled wine
  • blini
  • Stilton soufflés
  • prawn cocktail
  • roast turkey
  • stuffing
  • gravy
  • nut roast
  • pigs in blankets
  • sprouts
  • roast potatoes and parsnips
  • cranberry and bread sauces
  • trifle
  • mince pies and brandy butter

I’ve already used them twice myself this year (best to get into practice before the big day), and I ain’t had no complaints, if you get my meaning. Even the Family Cloake claim to be looking forward to sampling it on 25th… although my three-year-old niece has taken charge of the Christmas pudding. No doubt it will be the best bit.

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One response to “Stonking Stilton soufflés, brilliant brussels, marvellous mince pies…”

  1. Would love to have noticed this before Xmas – a balm for the stresses of Xmas morning. Brilliant idea.

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