As anyone with an eye on twitter will know, I had a little photography lesson from the delightful Paul Winch-Furness last week. It was amazing (see above). And since then I have become absolutely obsessed with instagram. (Always late to the party, me. But sometimes that just means that all the crap wine’s been finished and the good stuff has come out.)

Anyway, I’m absolutely desperate to find out how to upload stuff from instagram automatically on to here, because at the moment, I have to email the pictures to my computer, and that’s a right old faff. I can’t believe WordPress doesn’t have a widget. Why is it ruining my life like this? What am I on this earth for if not to share artlessly bleached and randomly focused pictures of dinner with as many people as possible?

Once I’ve got over this disappointment, I might do a proper post. In the meantime, this is the pork belly with chilli and fennel that I cooked for Sunday lunch.


5 responses to “Obsession”

  1. Now that does look tasty, photography lesson or not, my mouth is watering…

  2. Despite WordPress having let you down big time, you cranked out a gorgeous pork belly! 😉

  3. Hey Felicity – just read this. As a fellow instagram addict, what I do for Pinch of Salt is log onto ink361.com (I think that’s the site – just google instagram), which has all your instagram photos online. Click on my instagram photos I want to use, save as on my laptop and then upload them as normal. Hope that helps, K x

    1. felicitycloake Avatar

      aha – thanks for this handy tip! Will give it a try… no doubt I’ll faff it up in my usual style x

  4. Try this… http://web.stagram.com/
    You can view instagram on your computer and then save the pictures from there x

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