Snapper school

ImageA couple of weeks ago, I spent Saturday at Village East in Bermondsey. All Saturday. Not eating pancakes…


…or chips (although those were seriously excellent). No, I was there for educational purposes, at one of previously-mentioned-photographer-Paul’s food photography classes.


Oh, it was heaven. An entire menu of beauty, right there for the snapping, with no one complaining it was getting cold (or warm)…


or wanting, unreasonably, to actually eat what they’d ordered.

No weird looks, no awkward angles. Just hours and hours gazing lovingly at food through a viewfinder (which, tragically, did spoil – I would still have eaten most of it, but they’d put on a sumptuous lunch for us, which, for once, I didn’t feel the need to photograph).


It was super-fun… and I came away with lots of new ideas to go mad with. Watch out for some irritating perspective, coming to a blog near you. Although, knowing me, probably not any time soon.



5 responses to “Snapper school”

  1. For a second there I thought you were talking about fish!…..I caught a few of those back in my early days home in NZ.

  2. I would love to do a food photography course. I am always so impressed with some people’s food blogs (particularly in America it seems…) with their attention to the beautiful arrangement of the food and the photography. This woman based in Italy, always takes stunning shots and somehow manages a recipe a day (plus kids it seems!) – god knows how!

  3. Hi Felicity!
    I love trifle too – can i email you about your work?
    THANKS! M xx

  4. Hi! I love trifle too – would love to email you about your work felicity!
    Thanks, Michelle (

    1. felicitycloake Avatar

      we trifle lovers ought to stick together. Although not like jelly. Of course: it’s inbox at

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